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Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to connect through simple adventures.  What is your definition of adventure and how can this community help you reach your summit?

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Get inspired to engage in family adventure experiences. Learn from families who adventure and offer tips and resources to support your journey

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Reaching the summit is way more fun with a tribe. We are a group of sherpas supporting and encouraging each other through family adventure experiences.

“This show is very relatable and it is very encouraging to hear others who appreciate adventures far and near. I’ve traveled some, but also realize you don’t have to travel far, in order to create exciting memories. Heidi’s excitement shows through her sharing of experiences and I look forward to journeying along, and joining in."
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“I’m a working mom of two and I joined the community to find ways to inspire a love of adventure in my family and create genuine experiences wherever we are. I want to raise little humans who are excited by everything this world has to offer."
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Meet Heidi

A catalyst, healthy disruptor and unshakeable optimist, Heidi’s passion lies in challenging the status quo, driving change and delivering experiences. Known as a translator between sectors whose background transcends education, health, nonprofits, research, business, philanthropy, photography, design and podcasting. While making connections and designing experiences is her superpower, she continually embraces each role with a lens of empathy, trust and curiosity as critical threads embedded in the fabric of designing an authentic and memorable life.


Today she and her husband live in Wisconsin with 3 children and spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, remodeling their third generation farm house, mastering untourism by teaching others who to experience different places from a local perspective and support local businesses, and creating connections with people around the world.  Her podcast Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to connect through simple adventures.


Get to know Heidi better by listening to Episode 001: Our Adventure Story, better yet join her in the online sherpa community.