003 | Starting with your Authentic Self

The starting point to your journey starts with you. Use this interview framework to unpack how to get started on your family adventures.

Experiencing Adventure is a broad topic and what that journey looks like will be different for everyone. Regardless of what you want the destination to be the starting point is ALWAYS the same. Which is why I am using this episode to guide you through an empathy interview with yourself and potentially a framework to use with your family.  

Heidi walks through a human-centered design framework to help listeners interview themselves and get a better sense of their authentic start.  This is not a typical interview where you are looking to get the right answers. Rather, you want to connect deeply enough to understand their experience and what motivates them, challenges them, and what internal and external forces are working for them and against them. She recommends recording your responses via audio, in particular if you interview another family member.  

Empathy Interview Questions:

  1. When you think of adventure, what do you think of?
  2. What brings you joy? 
  3. How does adventure show up in your life?  Are you an adventurous person?
  4. What gets in the way of family adventure? What makes adventure hard? 
  5. Share a story about a personal adventure accomplishment? (what did it look like, who were you with, how did it feel)
  6. What would the ideal family adventure look like for your family? (what does it look like, where, who, how does it feel, when)

The next step is to listen or read back your response and what are specific quotes or words that really popped out for you…this is why I really love interviewing my kids because I love capturing their thoughts in their words, and it’s also why I love voice recording.  From my experience of school and life taking notes I often abbreviate or just write down key themes, or get so into what they are saying that I forget to take notes.  In the practical sense I went back to my recording with Trina and wrote down specific quotes and notes from the conversation such as:

“Explore the unknown” 
“doing brave things” 
“the current times are requiring us to be deliberate and incorporate adventure in everyday life” 
“When we look through the lens of our kids we see things at a much simpler level”  
(Joy) “Seeing people in their element”
“Knowing what is brave for you”
“Got to know myself”
(barriers)“fear, anticipated energy suck- so much work, Self-doubt”
“Not necessarily harder if intentional”
“It’s a muscle that needs to be developed”  
“Unexpected events become the most memorable”
“True adventure is very serendipitous”  
“Create the conditions for this to happen”  
Resource: The Power of Moments (book) *
“what makes a moment memorable”
“Some of our best adventures come from being lazy”
“Don’t underestimate your ability to be adventurous”
“Just having the conversation is inspiring”

Themes: Opportunity Framing

Brave/self-doubt fear:  Don’t underestimate your ability
Serendipity: best are often unplanned
Intentional: Create the conditions

When I talked with Trina she revealed that some of her greatest adventures happened when she was lazy, which means she has an opportunity to be intentional about creating the conditions for serendipitous adventure experiences

We invite all listeners to join us in the Facebook group to help Trina think through:
how might Trina can be intentional about creating the conditions for serendipitous adventure experiences

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