004 | Magic of Micro-Experiences

Create adventure in 5 minutes or less that become magical for your family!

Adventure can feel overwhelming if we don’t make it simple.  This episode is dedicated to give you some tools and tips to make it simple and action-oriented. When I say simple,  I am always thinking through the lens of “what can I do tomorrow?” 

Magic is when things are not as they seem.  You are actually tricking the brain into a new and different experience.  The micro-experience are the everyday moments that pass us by.  If we can learn to create opportunities for magic moments by tricking our brain, we are taking the first step towards connecting through adventure.  

How to create the conditions for serendipitous adventure experiences? 

Episode 3…find your starting point…When I talked with Trina she revealed that some of her greatest adventures happened when she was lazy, which means she has an opportunity to be intentional about creating the conditions for serendipitous adventure experiences

You might begin to realize that our thoughts are truly the starting point of many of our experiences.  Given that, I want to offer some ways to frame your mindset around what the first steps might look like.  

  • Changing locations
  • Fun First
  • I wonder….
  • unexpected/ unplanned

One of the unique elements of Ordinary Sherpa is the tribe of Sherpas who are offering insights, and suggestions.  

  • FB group suggestions
  • Curated crowd-sourced resources 

The following are suggestions from Ordinary Sherpas like you:

Lisa: “So not sure if this would qualify as an adventure, but my dad did something super cool when we were young that I always remembered. He would wake us up in the middle of the night (probably really like 9pm, but felt much later at the time) to take us on an adventure. One time he took us to a local carnival, another time it was a drive in movie, and once I remember we went to look at Christmas lights. Nothing expensive or far, but there was just something so magical about being half asleep and being whisked out bed to do something fun. It felt so exciting! My dad was amazing that way… ❤️

Dawn: “One intentional thing I like to do is meet people along the journey and get their advice on where to go and what to see if they’re local or even tourists and what they’ve enjoyed the most on their trip. This approach has helped me and my girlfriends discover a salsa club in Manhattan & Russian/Turkish bathhouse in Greenwich Village. They are the best memories from our NYC trip.”

Tony: “Star Watching. Eye’s only, telescope, using a phone app where the constellation lines appear.  Grab some hot chocolate with Milky Way bars.” (the element of Fun first…milky way bars and hot chocolate at night!)

Reframe Expectations:

  • planning a trip: What are the minimum requirements of planning? Mystery trip, ask a stranger, you decide 
  • Workout vs. hike.  5K weekly challenge
  • Perspective: Summer camp example  “Deep sea diving”

Tips for Cultivating Magical Moments

Brown Sign Adventures:  Road trips, state and county highlights (historical, parks, beach, etc.) Why is this place special? Notice and take note!

Seasonal Adventure List: engage the family in this one.  Some example of things on our Winter Adventure list (in Wisconsin) 

  • Ice Skating (Venues, DIY, random locations)
  • Snow Sculptures///make and Igloo?
  • Snow shoe
  • Turn garage into a roller rink
  • Family art class (Kids Drawing channel, local orgs)

Better yet, have someone else make the list.  Ordinary Sherpa is partnering with The Adventure Challenge.  They have curated a family adventure challenge book.  We purchased the family adventure Challenge book (they also have a couples and friends version) and I will say it has all the magic baked into it. …..element of mystery, unexpected, no planning, and gives you the structure to just do it!  My intent is not to sell you anything, because I actually was planning to curate lists for you, but after trying this as a family I am going to highly recommend that if the first steps are hard, or you are simply out of ideas – you might want to check this out. I am also thinking it’s a great way to gift experiences vs. things, especially this year!  I do have a link to purchase and a coupon code in the show notes.  I wouldn’t be sharing it if I didn’t LOVE it.  I also have a fun announcement related to this at the end of the show!  

Adventure to-go bags

  • Swim bag: Beach towels, goggles, sunscreen, baby powder
  • Travel bag: chapstick, tweezers, band aids, extra contact lenses, charging cord and battery pack, hair ties, dental picks
  • Camping bin: Smores kit, head lamps, propane tank, hammock.
  • Kids carry-ons: Kanteens, snacks, drawing supplies, 2 books, 2 toys, blanket, and pipe cleaners!

There is no wrong first step.  The only thing you could do wrong is do nothing!  

ANNOUCNEMENT: To help all of you get started I have a fun announcement.  As I mentioned earlier in the episode we are thrilled with The Adventure Challenge and they have created Advent(ure) Calendars for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.  In light of that Ordinary Sherpa is doing a giveaway.  If you would like to be entered into the drawing you simply need to leave a written review on the podcast platform you are listening on.  Then email us at info@ordinarysherpa.com with the screen name you left the review under.  We will pick 1 prize for each 5 written reviews we get and announce the winner on the next show.  This episode will be dropping on November 25th and I will run the prize drawing until we either award 10 advent(ure) calendars or until December 9th so families can get them in time to participate in the mystery adventures.  Again these are family-friendly adventures that you scratch off each day and design for you to experience adventure with your family.  And don’t forget if you are interested in the Adventure Challenge books use our link below and coupon code ORDINARYSHERPA for 10% off your entire purchase.  

Thank you for joining us on this journey. I look forward to reading your reviews and connecting with you soon.  

Products and Partners mentioned in this episode:

The Adventure Challenge: We purchased the Family Adventure Challenge.  They also have Couples and Friends editions. We also will be giving away Advent(ure) .  You can use ORDINARYSHERPA for a 10% discount at checkout.

Kleen Kanteen:  These are the indestructible water bottles that I referenced.  We all have our own and I bought extra caps too.  The sippy top was a nice feature for when the kids were toddlers. 

Kleen Kanteens Adult:https://amzn.to/37bClp8    caps with loop: https://amzn.to/39dddAI 

Kids: https://amzn.to/2HvzChc  sippy cup top: https://amzn.to/3l1MmtU  

*Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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