014 | Sanibel Island Untourism with Local Expert Nick Adams

This episode will be an example of our untourist work in curating local experts for locations specific (or activity specific) experiences. Today’s expert is Nick Adams from Sanibel Island in southwest Florida.

I am dreaming of southwest Florida right now.  We have begun the big freeze in the frozen tundra, with actual temperatures in negative double digits.  Most of our adventures have moved indoors for the time being with creative projects.  Tonight my son cut up a bunch of cardboard to transform our dining room table into a ping pong table.  Kids’ creativity constantly amazes me.  

The highlight of my week last week was a snow day, an old-fashioned-no-school-no-virtual-learning- 8-inches-of-snow kind of snow day.  It was so great to have everyone home.  I am working from home for my full-time job so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as my kids did, but it truly was a bright spot.  I think we went through 12 pairs of gloves, every time they came in they were soaked.  They were skiing, and sledding.  I even took a good 3 mile snowshoe as dusk set in and it was rejuvenating.  I was so glad that in this day in age with the ability to do virtual learning the school district recognized the importance of a day of play in the snow.  It was a breath of fresh air. 

With the cold weather I have also created Hygge time. Hygge is the Danish term that describes comfort and cozy qualities that embody well-being.  Lately, one of those activities has been reading by the fire with a big fluffy Sherpa blanket.  I have two episodes coming up with an author of adventure stories and I wanted to share them with you now so you have time to get the books and review before the episodes launch at the end of February and early March.  If you stick with me to the end, I’ll share more about the author, books and discount code for Ordinary Sherpa listeners.   

If you are ready to have a relaxing experience on the beaches of Sanibel Island, then having a friend like Nick Adams would be ideal.  Nick is from London, England and has been a photographer since the early nineties. He drew a lot of inspiration from his uncle, John Adams, who was a respected fashion and glamour photographer in the ‘swinging’ 60’s through to the ‘big hair’ 80’s in London whose work can still be found in stock libraries in London with the popular resurgence of retro culture. Nick started his career working on cruise ships where he met Lori (from Delaware, Ohio). In 1994 Nick and Lori moved to England. With the help of The Prince’s Trust (an excellent English charity started by Prince Charles to help young people who wanted to start up in business), Nick set up ‘Nick Adams Photography’.  The studio was based in a rural market town called Maldon in Essex. During their stay in England, Lori and Nick got married and had their first child Max. 

In 1998 Lori, Nick and Max moved to Southwest Florida where Nick Adams Photography made a reappearance, with better weather and the sandy beaches as a backdrop. They made Southwest Florida their permanent home along with two additions to their family, Brooke and McKenna.  Currently, Nick and Lori still run a thriving photography business on Sanibel Island and have also started the Sanibel Captiva Guide, a comprehensive guide of the Islands. 

Resources referenced during this episode:

The Prince’s Trust:www.princes-trust.org.uk

The Sanibel Captiva Guide

Web: thesancapguide.com
Email: thesancapguide@gmail.com
YouTube: The Sanibel Captiva Guide by Nick Adams Photography
Insta: @thesancapguide
TikTok: @thesancapguide

Nick Adams Photography
Web: nickadamsphotography.com
email: nick@nickadamsphotography.com
YouTube: The Sanibel Captiva Guide by Nick Adams Photography
Insta: @nickadamsphotog

Key Takeaways

  1. How and why did you land where you are living now?  Nick’s story from England, back and forth to America had several influences.  The weather was one influence.  
  2. There is a thread of generosity both on the receiving end and contributing end.  Nick Adams Photography version one was the recipient of some support early on from Prince Charles Charity to give it the backing to get off the ground.  Nick Adams Photography version two contributions have supported the local community of Sanibel and Captiva Islands.  How does generosity show up in your story?  How might you contribute to helping others on their adventure journey?  The Ordinary Sherpa Facebook group is a great place to contribute and receive others generosity.  
  3. The San Cap Guide is a resource detailing everything you would need or want to know about Sanibel Captiva Islands in Southwest Florida.  If Florida is on your list consider exploring it and paying a visit for an untourist and meaningful experience.  
  4. Untourism utilizes local expertise.  Imagine you are Nick and building a guide for your community.  What are the unique aspects of your community or region that would help visitors have a local experience?
  5. How do you capture adventures?  Have you ever considered having portraits taken while visiting a destination?  Photos are a critical piece to documenting adventures (which will have several upcoming episodes related to) and a great way to make sure everyone is included and have a quality non-selfie photo of the entire family.  

As mentioned earlier in the show, I have several upcoming episodes with adventure author Johanna Garton.  She is the Author of Awakening East and Edge of the Map.  The first episode will dive into her adventure story which is Awakening East where she unfolds the story of international travel, adoption and living abroad with her family.  Part 2 will dive into Edge of the Map which Johanna authors the adventure story of Christine Boskoff, a world class alpine climber.  Awakening East is an older book so it may be hard to find in independent bookstores.  I am including the link to it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2N9Mn3o  However, if you purchase Edge of the Map from her website www.johannagarton.com  and use the coupon code SHERPA for 25% off.  They are both great reads for on the beach or by the fire, wherever you might be right now and I can’t wait to dive into them with Johanna in upcoming episodes.  

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