017 | Pushing Boundaries in Edge of the Map with Johanna Garton

female mountaineer helps others reach their summit
Today we pick up the conversation with Johanna Garton, however this episode will focus on her second book Edge of the Map, in particular how Christine Boskoff pushed the boundaries of conventional expectations and setting the stage for female mountaineers

This is part 2 with Johanna Garton, our last episode focused on Writing your Adventure Story and unpacking Johanna’s own family adventure story, Awakening East.  Today’s episode will focus on her second book, Edge of the Map released in April 2020.  Edge of the Map is a fascinating story about one of the most accomplished female mountaineers of our time, Christine Boskoff, who still holds the record for the number of 8,000 foot peak summits.  It’s not only an adventure story, but also a thriller, love story, and memoir into the life of one tenaciously humble woman.  A little fun fact, Edge of the Map influenced the name and branding for this podcast, which we’ll discuss later in the episode. 

JOHANNA GARTON is a mother, author, and cross country coach who has played many roles throughout her life. Several years of living and working in Asia, including time in China with her husband, son, and daughter, inspired her to write her first book, Awakening East. She and her family live in Denver. 

Key Takeaways

  1. You can be humble and accomplished.  Christine Boskoff was a shining example in a time when she was often the only woman in a room of men.  
  2. Document your story! So much of this book was informed by Christine’s own journal.
  3. While passions look different for everybody, part of the DNA for a mountaineer is to be in the mountains.  It not always the risk they seek, it’s just a part of who they are.  
  4. The choices we make as parents can and will likely be criticized.  You get to choose the path and decisions that are best for you.  
  5. Christine chose to spend her personal time in gorgeous mountains off the grid.  What do you choose to do with your personal time, and where is your off the grid location?
  6. The life of sherpa is not glamorous and designed to serve.  Christine developed a sincere relationship with her lead sherpa despite language, cultural, and gender differences.
  7. Adventure channels don’t often include families and children.  Families belong here and we welcome and recognize that adventure might look different, but the experiences are equally as impactful.
  8. Seeing each member of your family have a different trajectory and appreciating things you might not notice otherwise about your family members, is made visible through adventure.  
  9. Christine’s joy came from helping others reach their summit, as opposed to accumulating more personal summits.  
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    2. International component
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  10. Johanna’s next book criteria:

Will it be about you? 

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Awakening East is an older book so it may be hard to find in independent bookstores.  I am including the link to it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2N9Mn3o  However, if you purchase Edge of the Map from her website www.johannagarton.com  and use the coupon code SHERPA for 25% off.  They are both great reads for on the beach or by the fire, wherever you might be right now.  To connect with or follow Johanna Garton on social media:

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