024 | Total Life Freedom with Vincent Pugliese

How to create an adventurous lifestyle. Today's guest, Vincent Pugliese, is the guru of time, money and location freedom.

Today’s guest is one of my superheroes.  After struggling to figure out his path growing up a talk with his dad late one night nudged him into the world of photography.  He would go on to be, and still is, one of the best Sports Photographers of our time capturing award-winning photos for many professional sports.  And while I love photography and can appreciate his work, that isn’t what drew me to him.  His story Freelance to Freedom walked me through how he challenged the status quo and rewrote the rules to his own life so that he could live, work and play on his terms.  He is an author, coach, entrepreneurial guru, AND also a devoted husband and father who lives generously, creating the space for so many others to succeed in life, work and play.  Vincent Pugliuse, Welcome to Ordinary Sherpa.

To Connect with Vincent Pugliese
Podcast: Total Life Freedom
Book: Freelance to Freedom

Key Takeaways

  1.  If your life was a Thank You Tour, Where would you go and who would you visit? After the launch of his book Vincent and his family went on a thank you tour to personally meet and thank many of the people who helped him launch his book.  
  2. Curiosity is the cornerstone to community.  When you meet someone, be curious and ask questions.
  3. Letting go of some of the control as adults will allow kids curiosity to flourish.  In the Pugliese family, school is life.  
  4. Just say yes to things.  What’s the worst that could happen.
  5. Sometimes you need to be like Mr. Magoo, clueless, blind, and stubborn but just kept walking and things fell into place.  Just keep walking even if you aren’t sure where you are going.
  6. “I wish more people felt like the had nothing to lose.  Having no expectations allowed him to say “why not?”
  7. “It’s lonely at the top unless you take people with you.” Being at the top can be lonely but there is nothing saying you have to go alone.  
  8. Enjoy Life!  Don’t get lost in work and daily life.  Enjoy the moments of life that make it memorable. 

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