027 | Ordinary Sherpa on Your Personal Brand

In this episode, Aaron Hunt from Your Personal Brand podcast pulls back the curtain to better understand Ordinary Sherpa by interviewing me, the host and fellow Sherpa, Heidi Dusek.

Aaron Hunt is a Personal Brand Photographer helping entrepreneurs and freelancers be the face of their brand.  Regardless of where you share your images, it’s important you look and feel great representing your brand.   Aaron helps business owners “stand out, be noticed, and be you.”  I was fortunate to have him interview me on his podcast.  I thought it might be helpful for listeners of Ordinary Sherpa to hear more about the brand and pull back the curtain on what inspired this podcast.  

To Connect with Aaron Hunt: 
Website: https://www.thepersonalbrandphotog.com/
Podcast: Your Personal Brand Podcast
Instagram: @thepersonalbrandphotog
Facebook: @AaronHuntPhotography
Linked In: @Aaron Hunt

Key Takeaways
1. Untourism is the art of traveling like a local.  Make the hidden come to life, focus on connection with the people and places.  This experience helps make adventure experiences memorable.  

2. Imagine you are writing a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story (it was a thin in the 90’s).  You have $2,500 to go adventure anywhere and do anything.  Where do you go? What do you do? How will you spend $2500?  Adventure doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable.  

3. Find the yellow option.  Life pretends to only offer black and white choices.  You don’t have to choose between black and white.  Decide what you want the experience to be and design it based on the colors you choose.  

4. Make white space for play.  Sometimes the best ideas happen when we aren’t striving towards productivity.  

5. When you feel stuck, ask yourself “when is the last time I did something for the first time?” Make a list of all the things you’ve never done and circle 1-2 that excite you.  Let’s take the first step towards that adventure.  

Where to Listen

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