028 | Challenge Accepted. 60-day Mini adventures

Will you accept the challenge? Bring simple adventures to your family this summer allowing families to connect slowing the busy train down.

Do you feel like the merry-go-round is picking up speed and we won’t even realize we are on it? Yes, I see you!

  • I see you, working mom who’s trying to figure out how to make sure the kids have clean clothes and healthy food, while still working full time.
  • I see you working dad who feels guilty for the amount of time he spends behind a screen in comparison to the time interacting with his kids.
  • I see you families who spend weekends apart at 3 different locations with every child doing their own thing, wanting to always have someone in the stands rooting them on.  
  • I see you entrepreneur who is hustling to make tomorrow a little better than today, but whose kids just want to steal a little bit of your attention.  
  • I see you parents who are sending their oldest off to college and can’t figure out where the last 18 years went.

I see you and I feel you!

I created Ordinary Sherpa to help families CONNECT.  The best way I know how to do that is through adventure.  While we love travel in our life, are we okay with adventure being the one vacation a year?  For me I wanted it to be a habit, a muscle to build, a regular dose in our life.  60-day Mini-Adventure Challenge is the antidote of regret.   

I see people rushing back to pre-covid life and I’m nervous that the merry-go-round is picking up speed and we won’t even realize we are on it.  Which is why I invite you to participate in a 60-day Everyday Adventure Challenge.  

In this 60-day challenge I am going to help you create an adventure list to show up in your own life and connect as a family.  For 60-days you will create simple adventures that lead to memorable experiences as a family.  AND I will show up each week to guide you as much or as little as you wish through the process.  Everyone who joins can meet together 4x to share ideas, ask questions, and work through all the things that get in the way of just being a family.  

NOTE: Watch for episode 28B (bonus episode) to highlight 15 simple adventures you can do this weekend to give you some insights into our adventure list activities.  

The challenge runs from June 5- August 5; September 5-November 5; and February 5-April 5. Registration opens two weeks before the start date and closes at 11:45 PM the night before the start of the challenge.   

To Register: https://ordinarysherpa.com/challenge

You mean all I’m doing is creating a list?
This is not another to-do list. The value is not from the list of ideas I give you.  The value comes in bringing the list of your simple adventure ideas to life.  It’s in the doing, in creating the experiences. It’s in being a participant in your own life with your partner and kids and stop sitting on the sidelines. There is little value in a list without action. Together we will redefine what it means to check the boxes.  

I’m not creative.
You don’t have to be.  This is not a pinterest party.  I will give you a template to work from and support you along the way. To level-set expectations,  the goal the first week is to be aware.  You can decide what winning looks like, it might be one 20-minute activity a week. P.S. Everyday is an aspirational expression, not an expectation. You decide what works best for your family. 

But I’m already busy, how am I going to fit in one more thing?
You don’t have to.  There is not an expectation to do something everyday.  The concept is to get in the habit of having time together connecting and having fun.  If this isn’t the right season, there will be another season.  This is just the beginning, it will be even better next season.  We all have seasons and if now isn’t the time, check back in the fall.  

Remember when I said, “I see you.”  I still wear my busy badge of honor.  At the end of the day, how does that feel? For me it’s exhausting.  Everyday Adventure isn’t just another thing.  It’s creating cup-filling moments connecting with your kids.

If you just want the pre-packaged list you could purchase The Adventure Challenge Family Edition that I shared in episode 005 Gifts of Adventure.  If you use this link https://ordinarysherpa.com/adventurechallenge  and coupon code ORDINARYSHERPA you will receive 10% off your order. 

What if I can’t make the meet-ups? All the meet-ups are virtual.  Most of the communication will happen via email or DM’s and all of the material will be available to you regardless if you are able to attend or not.  

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