038 | Making Space with Jennifer Bried

How do we clear the clutter in our physical and mental space to say yes to more adventure in our life?

We just wrapped up our Sumer Everyday Adventure Challenge and today we open registration for the Fall Everyday Adventure Challenge.  The challenge is designed to inspire and support families to connect through simple adventures.  The Challenge runs from September 5-November 5th and each week I give you tips, ideas and support to help adventure show up in your life.  While the ideas are great, this challenge also has built in accountability with check-ins from me and virtual meet ups with all challenge participants.  It’s a really tangible way to have a little more adventure and fun family time especially as the fall usually means back busy for so many families.  You can register by visiting:  https://ordinarysherpa.com/challenge

I first met our guest today in the middle of a frazzled leadership moment when I was trying to figure out how to keep track of all the stuff coming at me.  I participated in a training she led, and while the framework and content were game-changers for me, her thoughtful, playful and caring demeanor literally had me say out loud, “can I be your friend?” Jennifer has spent 15 years in the space of organizing, time management, productivity- working with people to maximize time and soak up more of what matters most to them. Jennifer gets her fuel from the outdoors, sweating it out in a hot vinyasa class, snowboarding and most of all, those weekends with no plans at all- hanging at home with her husband and two wild boys. Jennifer Bried, it is such an honor to have you as a guest and share your superpowers with all of my listeners, Welcome to Ordinary Sherpa.  

Key Takeaways:

  1.  What are we saying yes to?  If the ROI of that yes is fueling me with joy, memories and connection- go all in.  But if it’s not…time to rethink why you are saying yes to giving your time to something you don’t believe in.  
  2. White space is where the magic happens.  That’s when we can show up and be in it and as amazing as that sounds it can be really uncomfortable too.  Jennifer’s story of doing work at her in-laws and having her boys be a part of a big project was powerful.  However, if she had plans that day she would have been an interstate of anxiety and need to do the next scheduled thing.  Give your self permission to keep some unscheduled time in your calendar for both you and the kids.  
  3. Get the surface level things out of your head and then double click into What are the open loops?  What decisions do you need to make?  What are you wondering about?  What are you fearing? 
  4. We are so full of stuff that normal is reacting.  A 4 minute brain dump can be a cleansing way to not only release the thoughts but also the emotional response without really having clarity about what is swirling in our heads.   
  5. What are your wildest dreams?  What do you want to do? Feel? Experience?  Get beyond the fluff and don’t shut up for a while.  Take away all the constraints and just dream  Then take it to the next level by asking what do you want your life to be in the next 5 years?  
  6. What are the micro-moment energy builders and when those don’t work, what is the hydro-boost that is needed? 
  7. Be where your feet are!
  8. Simplify your space and make the staff we desire within reach.  
  9. Consider your mental state changes.  As Jennifer eluded to, what was the worst case scenario and wrestle that to the ground so you can get back to where your feet are.  
  10. Want practice being aware and finding micro-moments, the Everyday Adventure Fall challenge is a great first step to dip your toe into creating space.  You can register by visiting:  https://ordinarysherpa.com/challenge

You can connect with Jennifer Bried on Linked In:
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