043 | Courage Considerations with Jillian Johnsrud

Things to consider when embarking on big adventures in life.

We are embracing this season of transition with simple adventures.  Between the soccer games and school adventures are less like the travel and mountain biking experiences this summer and more like simple things in our backyard.  I really enjoyed the meet up this weekend of the Everyday Adventure Challenge members where we discussed novel and simple concerts to experience adventure at all different ages and in many different locations around the world.  In our family that simple adventure was playing a game, or an at-home escape room.  (More ideas around this in episode 034| Games of Adventure (https://ordinarysherpa.com/034/) .  The game we played was Finders Seekers (ordinarysherpa.com/finders)* and the kids (ages 11, 9, and 6) were really engaged in not only learning about the national parks, and begging for the cool posters to be hung in their room, but also genuinely interested in finding the clues and solving the mystery.  They were disappointed when we solved it because they didn’t want it to be over, so we will be purchasing more and experiencing some amazing wonders of the world while doing these unique escape rooms from the comfort of our home.  

I never wanted to have to choose between being a mom, my professional career or adventurous lifestyle…so I didn’t.  I wish I had been exposed to individuals like my guest today earlier in life.   Finding her was like a breath of fresh air. Adventurous Moms can be successful entrepreneurs and financially independent.  I think one of my first interactions with her content helped me redefine what the benchmarks of success were for our family, and embrace the fact that our family was different in all the right ways. That being weird and having adventures was part of our superpowers, and many others simply hadn’t been exposed to the possibility of what was possible yet.  

Jillian Johnsrud  became financially independent at 32 years old, then turned her personal and professional experience towards a creative life. She is a popular public speaker, teaches online classes, coach, and writer. Her book Fire the Haters: Finding the Courage to Create Online in a Critical World helps creatives and entrepreneurs share their best work with the world. She hosts the Everyday Courage Podcast. Her husband and she live in Montana, near Glacier National Park, with their 5 kids. She’s an avid traveler and drinker of hot tea. 

Key Takeaways
1. Many mid-life crises happen because we take someone else’s definition of success.  There comes a point when we look back we realize we gave up so much to achieve something that wasn’t important to us.  

2. A mini-retirement is anytime you take 30 days or more away from a 9-5 to focus on something meaningful to you.  The time and type of mini-retirement is dependent on what you pick as your intention.

3. There are seasons of our life that have expiration dates.  A 10-week camping experience in a pop-up camper is not something she would be able to convince her 21-year-old son to sign up for.  Recognize when the season is closing and embrace the opportunity.  

4. Getting comfortable with discomfort is part of embracing an adventurous lifestyle.  Expect things to go wrong.  The beauty is many of the things that go wrong are also things we remember and laugh about later.

5. Confidence and clarity are earned through doing.  No one starts something as an expert, you have to do the thing and build the skill.

6. Do a practice run.  If you want to travel for 12 weeks, start with 1 day from 7 AM to 7 PM being gone.  You will get better at organizing the chaos and the logistics of inconvenience.  

7. We get into something because we have good taste, but our skills don’t match our taste.  The only way to get there is to keep building the skill.

8. We have a unique vision that was given just to us.  Others might not share in your vision.  

9. Recognize others didn’t opt into the changes we decide to make.  There can be all kinds of insecurities that look like them being unsupportive.  Release them from understanding rather than trying to sell them on your ideas.  

10.  Buy the book, subscribe to the podcast or take her free mini-retirement course to consider the courage for big adventures.  

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