044 | Generosity and Receivership in Adventure

How can we give and receive kindness? Simple ideas to include into your everyday adventure life.

Generosity can be giving of our time, talents or money to help someone else without expecting anything in return.  Science has shown (Harvard Study) that individuals that volunteer live longer happier lives.  

Everyday Lifestyle we can practice in our own back yard by: doing a roadside clean up, being neighborly by waving, simple random acts of kindness.  Last year we made “Boo Bags” as a way to reverse trick or treating (similar to May Day Baskets).  We have also celebrated birthdays by donating to a cause that could benefit more than our kids with more stuff.  

Generosity while adventuring looks like using our talents to show appreciation (picture or letter to flight attendants).  Approach travel experiences from a place of gratitude and curiosity.  How can I make someones day a little better.  The coffee shop story in Hawaii led to deeper connection to locals.  

Receivership: Accepting generosity from someone else.  When we downplay that or decline someone else’s generosity, we take away the opportunity for them to give.  While we might think we are doing it from a place of humility, it could also be selfish.  Adventure is embracing the uncomfortable

Being generous does not mean giving things away for free or giving away millions of dollars.  Keep in mind the boundaries you set for yourself.  There is no right or wrong way to give.  Be Authentic and don’t expect anything in return are my key guideposts.  Being generous is not only for strangers, but can also be practiced with our kids, our spouse and ourselves.  

Part of my mission with untourism is to benefit local communities and create deeper connections.  I do anticipate a bigger shift towards socially conscious travel and moving away from big tourism brands. 

Key Takeaways
1. Generosity is to give time, talents or money to help someone else or to solve a problem. 
2. Receivership is accepting another’s generosity
3. Be Nice.  How can you make someone’s day just a little better? 
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