046 | Making Crazy Decisions with your Partner

This episode is a blend between making big, hairy decisions and getting on the same page with your partner toward an adventurous lifestyle

After a summer of adventure with 27 non-adventure days the return to routine was needed but also a bit stifling so we have spent the last few weekends adventuring and unplugged.  I am in the midst of finishing the book I am writing and need less distractions.  I went into airplane mode only using my phone for photos on the weekends and taking a social media and podcast pause.  Ironically it just so happened that Facebook, Instagram and WhatApp also took a pause during that time I hear.  Having the time and space has helped me also prepare several other developments such as ….

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The theme for today’s episode is a blend between making decisions and getting on the same page with your partner.  Joining me today is the honorable Brent Dusek. He gave me the last name Dusek and fun fact we are also celebrating our lucky 13th anniversary this week.  I don’t know if he understood all that came with the words “I do” when he agreed to be my adventure partner for life.  He is known in our house as husband, dad, Mr. Fix it, and Help with all the things life throws at us. He always seems to find a way to execute project plans and turn dreams into reality.  The majority of our community knows him as Mr. Dusek, a tech ed teacher with over 20 years in Middle and High school leading project-based trades and skill based learning experiences, in addition to all of the other duties as assigned.   

Key Takeaways

  1. Take 24 hours to think through any crazy idea.  Giving yourself the time to think can avoid major emotional decisions and give the other person time to explore and wrap their head around the idea.
  2. Level set expectations with each new experience.  Skiing with kids, the expectation was to complete at least 2 runs (depending on weather) before taking a break.  
  3. No decision is ever final.  With experience comes growth and decisions evolve and change.
  4. Having each person responsible for certain aspects of a decision helps to move ideas forward.  Rely on each person’s strengths and abilities.  It’s okay to build in responsibilities for the kids too.
  5. What really matters?  Does it really matter how the car is packed?  Sometimes done is better than perfect.  
  6. Have fun in the process.  Laugh about your mistakes and enjoy all the crazy moments, there will be too many to stay serious.
  7. There is no reason to wait for the right time.  People discouraged us from skiing and traveling with kids because they were too young, today our kids are stellar skiers and we are able to notch up the adventure and enjoy time skiing together as a family.  There is no such thing as the right time.
  8. There is a huge benefit to having other people take an interest in your desired outcomes.  Who inspires and mentors your kids? Who else can reinforce principles that you might be thinking about with your partner?  I always try to look for the helpers, listen and learn from those who actually have more experience than we do. We gravitate towards those individuals in designing our adventure tribe and trusted advisor circle.  
  9. What is your splurge agreement?  Having a risk-tolerance threshold or process helps eliminate surprises that might upset your partner.  The majority of disagreements in relationships stem from disagreements or stress over money.  

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