048 | So you think you want to RV with Brent Dusek

One family's journey from tent camping to a one way ticket. Join us as we walk through tips and considerations for where to start and insight into part-time RV life.

I think our adventurous mindset was molded through years of camping.  I camped a little bit as a child, but then got much more into it in my twenties and eventually built a portfolio of experiences rooted in camping.  I’ve invited my husband back on the show to help tell our camping story that culminates in a one-way airplane ticket to Florida to buy an RV.  Mr. Dusek is definitely a handy guy to have around and I wanted to invite him on to not only tell the story but also walk you through his process for researching RV, inspecting them, tips or considerations with purchasing or maintaining the RV.  This episode is designed to be part entertainment, part education.  I am hopeful you will find value even if you aren’t considering buying an RV.  Camping, slowing down, nomad life has been a huge ingredient in our adventure story.  Perhaps this will inspire your curiosity to try it or rekindle the potential. 

  • Our journey from tent camping to our first experience with RV
  • Different types of campers
  • How to decide what to look for?
  • Where to look?
  • Define your pain points, must haves and budget
  • Purchasing: walk through what to look for?
  • Picking it up?
  • Maintenance tips
  • Why are we doing this?

Key Takeaways

  1. Start small.  Our journey to owning an RV started with a cheap tent.  If that seems too adventurous, look at renting an RV or camper that feels like a better fit for your family.  
  2. Define your pain points.  While the allure of RV living can look luxurious, we wanted to keep the simple things at our focus.  A hard top to get out of the rain and off the ground was the only requirement when we rented our first pop-up. 
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of a wilderness experience.  While I thought our kids would need a break and booked a campsite mid-vacation with all the amenities, it turned out to be more annoying and less desirable places we stayed for free while boondocking.  Being bored in nature has allowed our kids creativity to shine and new forms of adventure to emerge.  
  4. Buying an RV is a big investment.  Treat it like buying a new house and have some tools and checklists to guide you through the buying process.  I should note, Mr. Dusek is working on an e-book to help you through RV life from planning, buying, maintenance processes.  We’ll announce that through our email list and FB group when it is published!
  5. Don’t let the fear of something uncomfortable hold you back from trying.  I never imagined sitting 12 feet up and looking semi drivers in the eye as I passed them on the highway.  It was much easier than I anticipated and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like to drive my husbands pick up truck.  We practiced just like learning to drive a car.  
  6. While many will consider our RV a depreciating asset, we see it as our vacation home on wheels that has opened many new doors we didn’t know were possible.  Stay tuned as we share where this takes us!

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