055 | Finding yourself on the Camino with Carrie Arnold

Hiking the Camino de Santiago is unlike many other thru hike experiences.

I’ve had several meet ups with listeners thanks to them buying me a coffee. I just want to give a shout out to Dani and Julia.  It was great connecting with you and learning more about your adventures.  We may even hear from both of them on a future podcast episode.  Meeting and connecting with listeners is one of my favorite things, building a community of adventure families who support each other in reaching new heights.  To walk beside parents as they design a life, explore an epic opportunity, or create simple adventures in their own backyard.  The highlight of hosting this podcast is connecting with others, learning and sharing ways to help you create simple and authentic adventure experiences.  

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In the Spanish language Camino is a path; road; journey or way. The Camino de Santiago is also known as the Way of St James and was an important Christian pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. Pilgrims walked the route in order to reduce the punishment of their sins. (Link: https://www.mountainiq.com/why-walk-the-camino-de-santiago/).

Carrie Arnold received her Medicare card in the mail last week but that hasn’t slowed her willingness to explore the unknown.  She has been married to her husband Bob for 45 years and has three adult children.  She has a master’s degree in theology and worked in a Catholic parish for lots of years until she spent 5 years at the  local county jail, which curtailed her travels. It was the death of her youngest son at the age of 23 that was the impetus for setting out on the spiritual adventure known to many as the Camino.  Carrie loves to read, hike, eat new foods, and travel and we are blessed to have her joining us.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sometimes we just need a puke bucket to puke all the thoughts and worries holding us back, then decide what’s worth holding on to and what’s worth dumping down the drain.
  2. Someday can continue to be further and further away.  As Carrie stated, “I needed to stop postponing my dreams for someone else’s deadlines.” What is on your someday list?  Why is it there?
  3. The Camino is unlike many thru hikes due to it’s spiritual origins.  It’s a 500 mile hike that ends at an apostle’s tomb.  It offered Carrie an experience to clear her head and clear her heart. 
  4. Sure you can cheat, but remember “Jesus didn’t start in Sarria” Are you simply trying to check a box or are you willing to commit to the full experience?
  5. The culture of the trail is simplistic with small villages and  wholesome food.  It is difficult to leave the Camino and come back to real life.  
  6. The connections made on the trail offer lifelong friendships.
  7. Don’t assume things will remain as they are.  Carrie packed her rain gear and gloves in the pack she sent along with the porter only to wish she had them later when the weather turned.  
  8. Knowing simple things in advance like where they would be gathering each day would’ve allowed her to take some things off her worry list.  Overall they could’ve gotten by with less.
  9. The terrain will vary.  Despite how much they prepared and trained they still experienced the physical effects of the trail largely due to the rough terrain.  
  10. Thanks to the generosity of others, the Camino is well marked with yellow arrows.  Your generosity might be instrumental in helping others finding their way.   

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