060 BONUS | 15 Simple Ways to Adventure this weekend

15 simple adventures for families
What are simple adventures we can do as a family? Heidi shares 15 ways to adventure as a family this weekend.

What are simple adventures we can do as a family? As a follow up to Episode 060 | Invitation to Connect and Create Simple Adventures I wanted to give you some examples of simple adventures that your family could do this weekend.  

These are some of the Everyday Adventures we build into our monthly adventure list that I will be helping you create and bring to life in the Everyday Adventure Challenge.  I wanted to give you some insights into what I mean by simple adventures and remind you that the value is not in this list of ideas. The magic happens when you bring these Everyday Adventures to life so each member of your family feels connected by spending meaningful time together having fun and connecting with other families throughout the process. 

  1. Make a Mess
    Play in the dirt, get your hands dirty, do a messy craft project, play with shaving cream, throw pottery, paint a canvas, do a mud run

  2. Turn the dining room table into a fort with pillows and blankets.  To extend the experience grab a flashlight and read a book in your new fort.  

  3. Check out a seasonal attraction.  Some examples in our area are ice caves or ice castles, polar plunges, giant snowmen, or snowmobile races.  

  4. Visit the best playground with in ___ miles

  5. Have a paper airplane contest

  6. Eat whatever is for dinner with your fingers.  Spaghetti and soup are a fun challenge and will offer lots of laughs.  

  7. Grab a pack of gum and try the “the biggest bubble” contest

  8. Try a new coffee or ice cream shop throughout the season. Order a signature drink or flavor. Keep a report card with your ratings.

  9. Write a letter or draw a picture and mail it to someone

  10. Design an indoor obstacle course.  Some of our favorite supplies are stools, bed pillows and painters tape as laser beams

  11. Crank the music and do a family dance in the kitchen.  Some examples include Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Macarena.  

  12. Sleep out in the family room

  13. Jump Around.  Try different types of jumping contests or activities, jump rose contest, standing broad jump, who can jump the highest, or blast House of Pain and pretend you are at a Wisconsin Badger Football game.  

  14. Geocaching Like a scavenger hunt but with gps.  Download the geocaching app (free) and see what is close by.

  15. Plan a local adventure weekend: 5 things you can do to be gone for more than 12 hours?

I invite you to join other families by participating in an online challenge to create 60-day everyday adventure habits with your family. Participants are supported with weekly inspiration, action-able adventure lists, and accountability check ins to make simple adventures happen. By participating you will be present in your own life, creating connections and memorable family experiences.

The challenge will run from June 5- August 5; September 5 – November 5; February 5-April 5th.   Participation is $40 and includes weekly challenges via email, virtual group meet ups and 1:1 accountability check ins. Registration will close at 11:45 PM on the 4th (the night before the challenge).  To Register: https://ordinarysherpa.com/challenge

If you want to support the idea of an adventure community and want to help here are 3 things you can do:
1. Share the Everyday Adventure Challenge with a friend, family member who you think would benefit from exploring it.  Registration is at https://ordinarysherpa.com/challenge Registration closes February 4 at 11:45 PM.

2. Share the Everyday Adventure Challenge on your own social media.  Tag friends that you know are looking to shake things up and connect with other adventure families.

3. Head to Ordinary Sherpa Instagram and comment on the Everyday Adventure Challenge posts or share them with your network.  The more comments and engagement the more exposure the challenge will get and trick the algorithm to show up in people’s feeds. Share to your story and tag Ordinary Sherpa.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside and support you in creating meaningful adventures as a family.

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