070 | Hacks for optimizing Family Experiences without sacrificing value

high value family vacations
Since Summer is merely two months away, this episode is dedicated to a framework I use to planning family vacations. The frameworks walks through our process using various hacks and leveraging different forms of capital to create a high quality family experience.

I know many have come back from (or about to head off on) spring break adventure. If you are anything like me you are planning the next family vacation before you get home.  It’s my coping strategy.  Given that we are less than 2 months away from many summer family vacations I thought I’d dedicate an episode focused on a framework I use planning vacation with a specific intention in mind, and the ways I optimize the process to create the greatest value.

Key Takeaways:

  1. What is the purpose for this travel experience?  Asking this question first allows for intentional planning and a check point throughout the process to design an experience that suits your goals.
  2. Focus on 1-2 high priority items and plan for those items first, the rest of the travel necessities will be based on these first critical items
  3. What resources do you already have that you can optimize?  Consider things like memberships, equipment, or travel rewards.
  4. What are things each member of your family likes to do?  One way Heidi creates a high joy – low investment swimming experiences is to utilize community swimming pools or county parks.  
  5. Consider different forms of capital that create value for your experience.  For example social capital and health & well-being capital might get overlooked because of money and time.  
  6. Transportation and Accommodations can be included in the overall experience.  Does the accommodation offer things that will be high value in comparison to the cost?  When considering accommodations, Heidi recognized social capital is really important to her family and the ideal accommodation is to stay with friends or family for 1-2 days to allow for deeper connection.  
  7. How can you leverage your network?  Who else has been there/done that?  How are they similar or different from you.  Heidi doesn’t suggest taking advice from those who don’t know you or align with your values, but their insights narrow down your options and  direct you where to look more deeply.
  8. Family Travel Rewards Strategies are tricky due to peak travel times, the number of people traveling and many strategies are based on a specific destination.  Heidi offers a free family travel rewards strategy download https://ordinarysherpa.com/rewards/ She uses this strategy to travel 4-5 times per year as a family of 5 for $5000.  

Call to Action: I know it can be complicated and overwhelming so I also offer family travel rewards strategy coaching.  You can get this started by filling out the contact form on my website: https://ordinarysherpa.com/contact/ 

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