071 | A Little Nashville Flavor with Christine Wheatley

A Little Local Flavor
Christine reveals the heart and soul of Nashville through local foods. Her 5-star food tour, A Little Local Flavor is like experiencing Nashville with a friend.

Ordinary Sherpa utilizes the term untourism to define a different type of travel experience.  It reveals locations that might be unconscious to the general public. We unearth hidden gems, support the local flavors and activities that benefit the local people, small businesses and communities.  

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Today I bring you a Little Local Flavor. Our guest has lived in Nashville for over a decade, and recognized how special the local food scene was she designed an experience to share with you!  With the major growth that Nashville has recently experienced, both in residents and tourists, she feared large chains and celebrity-themed honky tonks would overshadow the great local establishments. To expose people to the real Nashville experience, she founded A Little Local Flavor. Now she spends each day showing off the strengths, stories, history, and people that built Nashville, Tennessee to be a wonderful community! A Little Local Flavor has received many awards over the years, including the 2021 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Best of the Best Award indicating they are in the top 1% of attractions worldwide!  

Key Takeaways

  1. If visiting Nashville the recommendations of Christine’s Best Friend test would include:
    • The Nashville Arcade which is inside the oldest indoor shopping center built in 1902.  The restaurants on the first floor are not open very long and are the least expensive. The owner of the Nashville Arcade keeps rent low to allow small businesses who provide local amenities that couldn’t compete with bars and music venues.
    • Printer’s Alley has great live music and great food (including Jane’s Hideaway one of her favorites)
    • Alley Taps have a ton of local brews on tap and live music
    • Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar host amazing artists from all over the world.  

  2. A tour takes all the work out of it and offers an insider guide.  Christine created a tour that she wanted to take based on local foods and the stories behind them. Her intention was to invest money back into the local community.  

  3. A food tour will visit multiple restaurants with pre-selected menu items to allow guests to try local foods they may not try otherwise that also includes historical landmarks and local stories.  

  4. A great tour includes: A great tour guide who can customize the tour based on the guests interests, Criteria for picking restaurants: locally-owned with food made from scratch and are a pinnacle part of moving the community forward.  

  5. Go to a great restaurant when they are not busy and talk to the bartender, ask “What would you do today/tonight to get insider tips to reveal hidden gems” Bartenders know great food and beverages or may not have made the travel list.  

  6. Humans have been bonding over food since the beginning of time.  There are a few questions to help nurture the group camaraderie, but the small group casual experience is like seeing Nashville with a friend.   

  7. Shared experiences in a short period of time can compress relationships.

  8. A Little Local Flavor has over 900 5-star reviews.  Leaving a review is an absolutely free way to show your support to small businesses to trick the algorithm to get greater exposure.  

  9. Start your visit in Nashville with Christine at A Little Local Flavor!  As many travelers have shared the thing the learned on the tour are best to kick off your time in Nashville given all the insights and other resources shared.  

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Family-Friendly Activities for your next trip to Nashville: https://www.alittlelocalflavor.com/blog-posts/2020/3/6/family-friendly-activities-for-your-next-trip-to-nashville

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