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Create Community through writing
Writing a book is adventure that is more fulfilling when done in community. In this episode Kent Sanders offers insight on the writing process and how he supported Heidi in publishing her first book to help families adventure more.

As you may or may not know, yesterday I became a published author.  On May 17th Beyond Normal: a field guide to embrace adventure, explore the wilderness, and design an extraordinary life with kids was publicly available. Writing a book is adventure that is more fulfilling when done in community. While it is easy to think this is a summit experience, and I certainly am taking time to celebrate this accomplishment, I also know this is the beginning of a journey. Publishing a book in some ways is just the beginning. I didn’t write the book for me.  This isn’t about me writing a book, it’s because I wanted to share what I have learned to help families adventure more.  Before I get into the episode today on becoming a writer, I wanted to share 3 tips on how to help authors spread their message.  Most of them do not cost you a dime.  Whether you do this for my book, Kent Sander’s book, or other authors I have on the show.  The call to action will be to choose one of these 3 generous option to take action on this week.  

Generous Calls to Action to support your favorite authors:

  1. Request a copy of the book at your local library. All you have to do is google “suggest a purchase (city you live in) library”. Usually there is a form to fill out requiring your library card number and info about the book: ​
    Name: Beyond Normal: A field guide to embrace adventure, explore the wilderness and design an extraordinary life with kids​ ​
    Author: Heidi Dusek ​
    Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing ​
    ISBN: 978-1-950721-21-4
  2. Purchase a copy as a gift or even to place in the Free Little Library near you!
  3. Share any social media posts related to the book. While many only think about the launch date, social media posts will be happening for months after the book is published. Take a picture and post on your own social media and tag the author or the book in your post.  

All of these options are listed in the show notes for today and will also be shared in social media over the next 10 days.  

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I would describe our guest as one of the most humble and generous entrepreneurs I know.  You will hear in this episode how we met and in many ways you could say we are almost complete opposites, which is why I knew I needed to be a part of his Daily Writer Community to get my book to the published finish line.  Along the way he has been more than a supporter.  He has designed content based on what I asked, he has put me in the hot seat to prioritize where to focus my time, and yesterday he purchased 5 print copies of my book to give away.  

Kent Sanders is the founder of Inkwell Ghostwriting, which helps leaders grow their business through books and other content. He is also the author and co-author of numerous books, including 18 Words to Live By: A Father’s Wisdom on What Matters Most and co-author of The Faith of Elvis: A Story Only a Brother Can Tell with Billy Stanley, Elvis Presley’s stepbrother.

In addition to writing books for himself and his clients, Kent loves to help other writers. He is the host of the Daily Writer podcast, which helps writers cultivate the habits for creative success, and the founder of the Daily Writer membership community. He lives just outside of St. Louis and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and teenage son.

Key Takeaways

  1. Books are one of the few forms of magic left in the world because many people want to do, but seldom actually do.  Books are inherently respected and offer a level of impact and credibility that are hard to attain through other means.  
  2. Kent’s wife was the impetus for him taking action to write his first book.  “You have talked about book ideas for years and you’ve never done anything about it, so I don’t want to hear about any more book ideas.” A healthy challenge from those we love can change the trajectory of our lives.  
  3. It’s hard to quantify a “good writer.” Kent’s definition of a good writer is if the writing does what it’s intended to.  Whatever the purpose is, if writing accomplishes the goal that is good writing.  Writing is not really about good communication skills.  
  4. Will you accept the fact that you are already a write and what are you going to do about it?
  5. A book is the product of a team of people sharing their skills to improve the outcome.  Between the designer, editor, formatter all are critical to having a great final product of which the author tells the story.
  6. Writing a book does not require to have to have all the answers, you just need to determine what questions to ask and compile other people’s answers.  Heidi asked how could she help families adventure more and addressed their challenges in her book.
  7. Kent uses questions on social media to help determine what struggles people have related to writing.  People will put you in a box anyway so define the box for them.  Rather than positioning himself as the guru or expert, Kent refers to himself as the crash test dummy. The box Heidi has defined is an adventurous parent who can help families adventure more.
  8. Being immersed in community with people who will ask you questions and challenge you in a thoughtful way.  If you think you can help people and you don’t do it you are really doing them a disservice.  The Daily Writer Community is designed to support aspiring writers and support writing accountability.  The fundamental premise is human connection with the intent and interest in writing.  
  9. Human connection is the antidote of doubt.  Community is a two-way street. Community through human connection is designed to contribute and to receive others contributions.  
  10. If you are simply absorbing knowledge and not taking action it is likely you will stay stuck living life in the status quo. If you feel stuck then perhaps the first question towards taking action is “Why not you?”
  11. I am purchasing his book 18 words to live by to give to my husband for Father’s Day (husband if you are listening, act surprised in a few weeks).  A generous act is to do something to help an author connect with their audience by sharing their message.  If you would like to help families adventure more, perhaps you might gift Beyond Normal to a family or parent craving adventure.

I hope this episode inspires you to explore the stories others have pour their time and talents into.  To support some of your favorite authors in new ways.  If you have ever had a yearning to write a book, then reach out to me or Kent.  Be curious and ask questions.  Perhaps you will add published author to your resume and inspire others with your writing.   

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