091 | Finding Your Adventure Community

I am still coming down from an unbelievable experience in Montrose, Colorado last week where I attended and presented at the RV Life Entrepreneur Roundtable.  I have been to many conferences, meetups and retreats and this one was hands-down one of the best gatherings of my LIFE!  Yes, my LIFE.  Part of it was the authentic connection with other adventurous souls.  In the bottom of the show notes you will see their names and contacts listed.  Go give them a follow and share.  Let them know Ordinary Sherpa thinks they are awesome! 

How do you find your people? Let’s talk through tips for mindset of connection, where to look and how to take action to find your community.

Key Takeaways

  1. Look for opportunities that inspire you.  Listening to the RVE podcast (link to episode) for sometime I was genuinely curious and decided to ask to be a guest on the podcast.  This led to a great conversation where I was able to contribute some insights and support their work.  
  2. Communities are made by people, not numbers.  There were just under 100 people and the depth of relationships built were unlike any other experience.  Humble Leadership is also an indicator of an authentic experience.  
  3. Create the space where others can ask you for help and you can ask others for help.  Being vulnerable to share opens doors to authentic connections.  I never want to be the smartest person in the room.  
  4. There are fascinating businesses in the RV space.  From a traveling band- shout out to my friends Jacqueline and Dave Hudson of the Border Hookups  and side note the entire concert was powered by solar it was so cool to share a few drinks on the patio; Niki of Your Selling Guide  teaching people retail arbitrage, Learning from the media relations side RV podcast veterans and the reason for several fan visits – Jason & Abby Epperson of RV Miles and America’s National Parks Podcast.  With support from various forms of content – both digital and analog and roundtables to ask questions and get clarity.  I am always impressed to see what is possible.  
  5. My friends Scott & Taylor are the new owners of the Campers Hub and have an amazing vision.  Offering co-working space, amazing wi-fi, places to gather, meet, record.  I am so excited to see what is possible for the future of campgrounds.  
  6. When 10+ families with kids come together to play, learn and create together it is truly mesmerizing.  I was so proud to see creative independence emerge each day.  The kids stole the show each night playing on piles of dirt and creating worlds and experiences no adult has dreamed of.  I can’t wait to bring the kids and meet up with other RV families.  
  7. Dirt piles are way cooler than playgrounds.  It has officially been added back into the renderings for the campground.  
  8. I can only go 4 days on crappy coffee.  One of the other attendees (shout out to @thatroadtripmom) and I caravanned back to Denver together.  I have never been so excited for bougie coffee.  P.S. If you want to you can buy me a coffee to say thanks and support the show., I won’t turn you down LOL.  I am not quite back to equilibrium.  
  9. Practice asking for ways others can help you.  People genuinely want to help.  If they are more focused on what they can get – they aren’t your people.  
  10. Show up.  While it’s nice to be back in-person, it is equally as important to show up and listen.  Connections are not made by who you know, but how did you make them feel in your presence.  

I encourage you to get curious. Begin by connecting with or following any of the amazing entrepreneur and RV families. Click on the links below.  Give them a follow, DM or share.  Let them know Ordinary Sherpa thinks they are awesome! 

Josh & Kolie were amazing hosts and organizers.  You can find them at Gander Flight mostly on YouTube, or the Traveling Families podcast, Josh is also the host of the RV Life Entrepreneur Podcast. 

Scott & Taylor are the owners of the Camper’s Hub, and RV park for the next generation of campers.  Watch their journey as they transform the space into an amazing place for family connections and lasting memories.  

Dave & Jacqueline: The Border Hook-ups are a male-female acoustic duo that tours extensively.  

Niki: Your Selling Guide has worked her way through the retail arbitrage space to successfully resell on Amazon.  

Where to Listen

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