093 | But I’m not Adventurous {Excerpt from Beyond Normal Book}

how to be adventurous
How to be adventurous with kids? I wrote Beyond Normal specifically for parents who crave adventure, and want to be adventurous with kids. I decided to read chapter 3 in the book titled “I’m not Adventurous” for this episode. The reading is an excerpt of my upcoming audiobook version.

My Adventure Win of the Week (by the way, adventure win of the week is a weekly feature in the Ordinary Sherpa Facebook Group) is that I am coming off my first Ordinary Sherpa meet up locally and a mini book launch party.  After publishing my book in May I needed a break from it. 

We spent the summer adventuring and enjoying life. I am ready to get back into a routine.  Entrepreneurship challenge has been what am I going to focus on?  One of the options was to release the audiobook format of my book.  People are sharing their feedback and how the book helped them.  In light of that I thought I’d dedicate an episode to a chapter in the book titled “I’m not Adventurous”  I wrote this book specifically for parents who crave adventure.  

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Key Takeaways

An adventure is a risky or uncomfortable experience. As you work through assessing risk, here are some questions to consider:

  1. What do I think adventure is? Remember the definition of adventure can be an undertaking involving danger or unforeseen risks and a new or remarkable experience.
  2.  What limiting beliefs are you upholding? How can you flip a limiting belief such as “I’m not a reader” to “I read thirty books a year?”
  3. You do not need anyone’s permission to do something that stretches you.
  4. What are your lessons in overcoming?
  5. Sharing experiences through the struggle leads to deeper connections. Whom have you shared a struggle experience with?
  6. Are you willing to participate in activities where you may not succeed?
  7. Risky play is critical to kids’ development. How can you encourage getting your kid out of the upright position?
  8. Perfection disguised as safety and stability robs us of critical opportunities to raise confident, adaptable, resilient, and independent kids.

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