095 |10 Ways to Work Through Low Energy Slump

How to get motivated
How to get motivated to adventure with kids can be challenging. On this episode we talk through how to work through low energy seasons.

As nature prepares for winter, the leaves fall, the damp chill has us grabbing for blankets or cozy clothes, the drive to adventure can sometimes dissipate.  The darkness lingers longer in the morning and comes sooner at night.  While I am not an expert in moon cycles, I have even learned that we are in a low energy cycle currently.  I think it’s perfectly okay to listen to rest and embrace the low energy season, we might feel the undertows and external current of productivity suggesting otherwise.  For some of us who see goals and achievement as key drivers it also can feel like we are off the wagon.  

I’ve been in this awkward phase.  I’ve been less motivated or inspired to create the last few weeks.  I shared the rut I was feeling with a few content creator groups and crowdsourced their suggestions. I  thought I would dedicate this episode to share what I have learned and some things I have tried this week.  

  1. Pay attention to the Moon Cycles
    “I don’t know how long you have been feeling this. But I can say that we have just entered the waning moon phase. This phase lasts two weeks after the full moon. We had a full moon on Sunday. This is a lower energy time. This is a time for maintenance, and more rest, this is a time to be extra aware of your energy. A time to do more of what you love, and less work. This is your time to hibernate and declutter a bit so that you are ready for the next moon cycle. So instead of feeling guilty that I’m not as energized or “making progress” or inspired, I embrace the slower pace. Let yourself nap more, remind yourself  this slowing down, and not always “doing” is natural and necessary.”  I am putting a link to Beth Suter who was the person who offered this insight if anyone wants to learn more about this.  

  1. Listen to your body – I have been feeling heavy and frumpy and wanted to wake things up a bit. 
    Confessions from a true podcaster, when I need to amp up the energy to get on the mic or be “on” for whatever reason I usually cranks some empowering music.  Usually it’s something like Rachel Platten, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift – these wouldn’t typically be the music I listen to but there is a touch of authenticity mixed with brash that invigorates my systems.  I have noticed the last few weeks I’ll break out into dance or yoga or some combination of the two – what would that be called doga?!?  Feeling strong and moving my body is kind of freeing which leads me to my next one.  

  1. Draw, Paint or color out emotions
    This suggestion actually made sense to me from my teaching and adult learning style days.  Our brains actually need to be stimulated to cross the right and left brain hemisphere.  Like we need to loosen the reigns of logic.  Or on the flip side we might have all the pieces and need to get out of our creative brain and into logic so doing something like playing with legos, sudoku, or a word puzzle sometimes can give your brain directionality.  

  1. Putting myself in unfamiliar circumstances that interrupt my routine.  Listen or look for content to distract, reflect and inspire. Breaking out of your typical places, go for a long drive, head to a different coffee shop…you can’t change who you are, but you can change where you are.

  1. Just hit record for 5 minutes. 
    Usually I make it all the way through and it turns out better than expected.  Like the pringles saying – once you pop, you can’t stop! 

  1. Take an Untourist walk – new place, look to learn, fresh air similar to putting yourself in an unfamiliar circumstance combined with the mantra that motion creates emotion. 

  2. Sounds like you might be overwhelmed.  What are you NOT going to do? Funny story, this was one of the key message of my presentation and RV Entrepreneur Roundtable and like a darn boomerang the organizer brought it right back to me LOL.  Sounds like great advice.  Well you want to know what I decided.  I’m going to simply enjoy Q4.
    – To feel good about leaving the organization I work for in the best place possible.
    – To host family Christmas and then pack the RV and launch on our gap year
    – To make an offer – one that excites me!

  1. Again my own advice from RVE that my friend Josh so eloquently tossed back at me.  Pretend it’s Chinese New Year – they only focus on one thing: the year of the blog, the year of the book.  what is one thing you are really excited about to focus on and get good at?

  1. My dear friend Tony suggested these words “Listen to this episode. It’s inspiring, the host is infectious and you really get a sense of her purpose and sense of joy while listening. Feel free to pause no less than 12 times and make a note in your journal, all while sitting on a bench somewhere.” He includes the link to Episode 001 of Ordinary Sherpa. 

    I took his advice.  I listened to that episode, in the raw nature that only your first episode can unveil.   I was reminded of why I started this podcast and fell back in love with it. Less pressure more fun. Thanks Tony. I wouldn’t have gotten here without your suggestion this week.  

  1. Ask for Help? 
    As I alluded to at the start of this episode.  All of these suggestions came from fellow creators in various Content creator Groups. I also asked my mom to make us supper the day my daughter had her pre-op and I was out of town. Coming home to a home cooked meal, rolls and even dessert was such a great symbolism that we are loved.  Earlier this week, I asked my colleague to take the lead on a communication that I have been struggling to get done.  I don’t know why I get stuck feeling like I have to do it all.  People genuinely want to help, we just have to be brave enough to ask.  

A friend of mine recently referred to this stage as the slingshot.  She’s pulling back and the rubber band feels really stretched, but when things move they are going to shoot forward.  The call to action for this week is to come to the Ordinary Sherpa Facebook group and share something we could do to help you.  Maybe you are a content creator and you need a boost and would like a written review or us to share your content.  Maybe you are a mom sick of cooking and just need your go to meal that everyone eats.  Maybe you are the guy who just gave notice from his job and are already freaking out that you made the wrong decision and just need a freak out friend (not like I’m speaking from experience or anything on that one).  I don’t want to lose sight of our Sherpa Philosophy.  While adventure is fun and gets us out of our comfort zones, asking for help and crowdsourcing ideas is an integral part of building a community.  

I know many of you haven’t met me in real life.  If you haven’t figure out from this episode I  can geek out and then break out in a spontaneous dance party.  I have nearly 6 months of content planned for Ordinary Sherpa – mostly so I can get the ideas out of my head and get some amazing guests scheduled.  This episode was not on the content calendar.  

I have really been putting pressure on myself to be on my A game.  As I exit my job, my daughter goes through minor surgery on her elbow, we wrap up doctor visits while still on our existing health plan and coordinate some school things, and then figure out all the things yet to do with the house, it’s no wonder things feel heavy.  Not to mention 2 years of covid disruptions.  I ask for your grace as I continue on.  I am still here and eager to support family adventures with everyday simple adventures, with untouristy and authentic travel experiences and a lessons in designing an adventurous lifestyle with kids.  I have some really great things in store, and they will be available when they are meant to be available.  

I look forward to seeing you in the Ordinary Sherpa Facebook group this week and seeing how we could do to help you? We’ll be in touch!

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