10 Ways to support my Book for Free

Beyond Normal Book support

I am officially a published author. My book Beyond Normal: a field guide to embrace adventure, explore the wilderness, and design an extraordinary life with kids is publicly available. While it is easy to think this is a summit experience, and I certainly am taking time to celebrate this accomplishment, I also know this is the beginning of a journey. Publishing a book in some ways is just the beginning. In light of that I wanted to take this opportunity to share 10 ways you can help this book thrive in the world.

Sure, I be honored if you bought my book, however there are so many other ways you can support any author on this endeavor that do not cost a dime.

1. Request a copy of the book at your local library. All you have to do is google “suggest a purchase (city you live in) library”. Usually there is a form to fill out requiring your library card number and info about the book:
Name: Beyond Normal: A field guide to embrace adventure, explore the wilderness and design an extraordinary life with kids
Author: Heidi Dusek
Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-950721-21-4

2. Add Beyond Normal to your “Want to Read” list in any book sourcing site such as Good Reads, Book Bub or others. THis gets it visible to others if it ends up on readers who share similar interests as you.

3. Leave a Customer Review on Amazon. Here is a tutorial on how to leave a written review on Amazon with sample written reviews from pre-readers. Written reviews inform future customers who land on the book if they would enjoy reading it. It also influences the algorithm to have Beyond Normal show up higher on the list when people search for books.

4. Share any social media posts related to the book. While many only think about the launch date, social media posts will be happening for months after the book is published. Social media posts will be shared on both Instagram and Facebook. Continuing to keep the title in front of others is important for the long game.

5. Take a selfie with the book, or anywhere you see the book in the wilderness. Post on Social Media and tag @OrdindarySherpa. For example take a picture of you with the book in hand. Take a screenshot of your written review on Amazon. Share posts or excerpts from the book with your network.

6. If you are aware of a podcast where you think the message of Beyond Normal would be relevant, consider making an introduction.

7. If you are a member of a group interested in a guest speaker on writing a book (such as friends of library groups or entrepreneur groups), or book festivals looking for guest authors, please consider making an introduction.

8. If you are a member of a professional network interested in a guest speaker on topics such as lifestyle design, Assessing risk tolerance in life, the value proposition of adventure, or audiences that attract professional women’s networks, please consider making an introduction.

9. If you have a copy and are a minimalist, place a copy in a Free Little Library near you!

10. Recommend this book to friends, family, co-workers. Word of mouth is always the best form of flattery!

***Bonus: There are periodically FREE promo days where you can get the Kindle edition on Amazon for Free. If you are Kindle Unlimited member you can read my book for free any time! ***

Thank you for your continued support. Writing a book was never about making money, it was a condensed way to help others live an adventurous lifestyle. It shares our journey, what we have learned and how we have overcome struggles along the way. It demonstrates actionable items and also validates the power of adventure through research and human development.