105 | Ordinary 7 YO Adventure Conversations with My Little Monster

7 YO adventurous boy
"How do your kids feel about the gap year?" Let's have them tell you how they feel with a series of interviews with my kids. While the family behind Ordinary Sherpa is taking a gap year, Ordinary Sherpa is still focused on the human element of living a life adventure and all the ordinrary things we did to get here. Our gap year will also be filled with ordinary everyday adventures accessible to everyone. I hope this series exemplifies you don't need to take a gap year to experience adventures with your kids.

In this episode you’ll hear both  the unique and ordinary life behind the family of Ordinary Sherpa. To answer the consistent question about how my kids feel about going on a gap year, I have decided to bring them on the podcast and allow them to speak for themselves. These conversations are not scripted. We had a brief 5 minute conversation about what they might want to talk about. They have been listening and seeing mom podcast for a couple years, but this is their first time on the mic.

While we are down to the final days to our family gap year departure, I also want to keep this brand centered on the fact that what got us to gap year was a series of accessible and everyday adventures. You don’t need to take a gap year to experience adventures with your kids. What you will hear from my 7 YO little monster is what he remembers and wants to do are NOT the big grandiose experiences. The essence of this brand embraces the unique qualities that make us human. Ordinary Sherpa was not designed specifically to inspire gap year or create external pressure to do the big things. While I will periodically share our Gap Year stories on the podcast that will not be the driving force. Instead I will be embracing the ordinary side of life. If you would like to follow our gap year journey, the only way to get the real stories will be through my email list: Ordinarysherpa.com/subscribe  make sure to choose the family gap year adventure topic to get the gap year updates.

Key Takeaways


      1. Life doesn’t have a script, don’t feel compelled to make one.

      2. Even if there is a plan – kids don’t necessarily comply nor remember the big things from the plan. We have taken many trips, yet dirt biking at a friends house and riding a school bus to ski club were the different adventures he remembered today.

      3. Our life is still ordinary. We are a family with jobs and school. Everything we did to get to gap year were as important, if not more important, than what happens this year.

      4. Ask your kids. Use their voice. Outsource the decision-making to them. When they feel empowered they take the job more seriously.

      5. This is us. Embrace the authenticity of what makes your family unique.




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