107 | 12 YO Fly Fisherman turned Business

fly fishing business
In this episode we'll learn about his version of adventure and how his love of fly fishing is leading to a new business.

We’ll round out the series interviewing my kids about their thoughts on the gap year and their version of adventure.  This week the guest is my 12 YO son and how his love for fly fishing has developed into so many others skills and a new business. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Little Man is excited to work at his own speed in different formats focusing on his interests. If you could design your own learning what would you want to study and get better at?

  2. When he thinks of museum he thinks “don’t touch.” How has your understanding been shaped by experiences that may or may not be true?

  3. His interest in fly fishing and tying flies was a slow progression building over years. He acknowledged his beginning was a messy start with cobbled together rod and reel and creating hist first fly with my random sewing supplies. It’s not about the gear! Have a messy start – test things out and see if you like it. Continue to grow and learn with the process.

  4. As you heard fly tying and fishing embraces the wilderness from various fur and feathers from hunting and understanding cycles of nature.

  5. If you are interested in fly fishing, fly tying you can either place an order using his order form (Link), or join his email list to follow the launch of his website at ordinarysherpa.com/flyfishing

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