116 | Doing Hard Things with Rich Jun

photo of 2 hikers over 10,000 feet
In this episode you'll learn how to embrace the power of doing hard things. Our guest shares personal experiences and real-world examples to help you gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to do the hard things. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a student, or simply someone looking to grow and improve, doing hard things (AKA Adventure) is an essential part of the journey.

Rich Jun is a high energy artist with a passion for travel and adventure. He is a FT optometrist and PT STR host who started his FT journey officially in 2018. He has a background in drawing and painting and loves learning new things. He enjoys fitness (crossfit), yoga, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend, Megan, and their two rescued pitbulls. Vacations usually include multi day hikes at elevation in the mountains.

Key Takeaways

1. Rich shadowed various optometrists and asked them 2 important questions: Do you like what you do? Do you enjoy your work-life balance. How often do we go to the source of people ahead of us on the journey and ask direct questions that could speed up our decision making process.  Rich’s example is a great lesson in jumping the learning curve line and finding people ahead of you.  

2. As a reward to his girlfriend’s mom after she quit smoking they went to ride a donkey into the Grand Canyon.  After that experience they killed some time by hiking down into the canyon and came across some hikers doing rim-to-rim which led them to be curious and explore what other adventures they could do that they weren’t previously aware of.  

3.What adventures did you not know were possible and what would it take for you to take the next step? WIthout having friend or families with experience in the type of adventures they were exploring they looked online for bloggers and other with experience and just did it.  And they discovered they were better than expected.  While we often face fears in adventures do you ever wonder if it will turn out better than you ever expected?  

4. The first 4-day hike was a spark to many others.  They’d find other hike research them further, train for them and find itineraries.  We think this is challenging but we think it’s possible which culminated in the Zion traverse 39-mile run across Zion National Park

5. “There is a novelty in trying new things.  Then trying hard things.” Through the struggle there is a sense of accomplishment.  You remember those things.  

6. Being on trail is really simple.  While in our normal life we are at capacity in life, work and health.  On the trail the only things to worry about are sustenance, going in the right direction, enjoying the views and staying away from predators. In the first few days of hiking my brain is all over the place, because it’s so used to being all over the place.  But every multi-day hike has shown that after the first two days his brain calms and the noise is stripped away and the important thing in life manifest into deeper purpose of what we were made to do and removes the noise of meaningless decisions from everyday life. 

7. Given Rich’s high-energy state he finds draining his batteries physically helps him focus.  Busy isn’t always bad.  In Rich’s case it gives him the structure to focus his energy on something positive. Not everyone will thrive without walls, to Rich they are the boundaries that allow him to exert his energy in the right places.  

8. Having a community and guidance from people ahead of you on the curve is a highly recommended asset.  Sure you can probably figure out how to Do-it-Yourself, but that doesn’t help through the hard times when you question yourself or get stuck.  

9. Creating a space that is designed for kids to get away from adults and have a really fun time was part of the decision-making process to create family-friendly AirBnB.  What would your 12-yo self like?  How do we differentiate kids space from adult space?  Ultimately thinking about how I would want to be in the space with my friends and family was the user-experience I designed for.  

10. Do the hard thing and you’ll come out a better person on the other side.  

Call to Action: reach out to someone ahead of you on the journey and invest in them helping you get to your goals faster.  
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