124 | (Best of) Opportunities from Adventure with Mason Gravely

Opportunities from Adventure
Ever done a cross country road trip? Have you tent camped? Perhaps in a car, but Mason brings you his experience of doing it on a bike. I am bringing back this conversation today given our location in Fairbanks and as a nod to all those who have experimented with bike camping.

As my family drove to Alaska (currently spending time in Fairbanks) I have seen many bike campers and was reminded of my conversation with a guest from episode 047 with Mason Gravely.  We have driven over 13,000 miles in the RV since January all across the country and passing bike campers along various highways through Alaska and Canada it brings new meaning to biking across the country. While Mason’s story is interesting I don’t suggest just jumping on a bike in Fairbanks.  I am bringing back this conversation today given our location in Fairbanks and as a nod to all those who have experimented with bike camping.  

This week on my email list I share some untourist experiences in Alaska, some ways we made it through our hike in Denali using simple adventure tactics, and some gear we are appreciating to keep adventuring amidst the swarms of mosquitos this year.  If you aren’t subscribed to the email list I encourage you to do so. If you enjoy the ideas, find joy or inspiration from my work, you can also buy me a coffee to say thanks and support the show.  Coffee and ice cream are staples in our adventure diet and help me keep the content creation process flowing.  

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Key Takeaways

  1. After years of hunting and fishing and not getting much, he finally gave up the gun and rods to just enjoy the outdoors.  We don’t always need a goal or a reason for getting outside.  The act is worthy regardless of the outcome.
  2. Exploring is what drew Mason into this adventurous lifestyle and conversation with his friend in response to “we gotta do something.” What could we do?  What could you do?  Give it a 20% chance and see what you come up with.
  3. Let’s reward generosity. Mason was gifted a bike from a local bike shop after sharing his crazy plans which really propelled his bike adventure from Alaska to Florida into high gear.   If you are in or near Highland City, Florida please stop by Road & Trail Cycles and thank Jason Brown.  Tell him you heard about his random act of generosity on the Ordinary Sherpa podcast and his gift of bikes to Mason and Paul!  How can you be generous to others in adventure? I continue to be amazed by the generosity of the adventure community.  Let’s make generosity contagious.  
  4. The gift of fear allows us to open doors we didn’t know were closed.  After completing a 5000 mi bike ride in 66 days from Alaska to Florida, Mason realized what was possible.  
  5. Sometimes the plan is wrong.  While Mason planned a career as a biologist at Yosemite, it didn’t fit.  He found other ways to design a life that fit his adventurous lifestyle.  
  6. You have not because you ask not.  The easy part is the ask, the harder thing is sticking with it.  The early wins in his podcast led to big wins.  I like the saying small hinges open big doors.  Asking is a small hinge.
  7. Look at the world like a big amazing opportunity, things are bound to happen.  Each thing could lead to something big or simply be an experiment.  We don’t need to weigh down decisions with expectations.  Allow yourself to try it, or maybe convince yourself that a no thank you taste is in order.  

I hope this episode inspires you to see the doors opening because of adventure.  Maybe they aren’t new jobs or massive income, but stabilizing your health and well-being, maybe it’s social connection, maybe it’s personal growth.  If you want to hear more about my story being a guest on the adventure sports podcast, check out episode 764: Heidi Dusek, How to Keep Adventuring with Kids (or any other major responsibility).  (Add LINK)

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