125 | Family Gap Year Update (9m in) and Season 6 Kickoff

Family Gap Year update
Join us for a quick update on our family's gap year journey! We'll share what's been working, what's been challenging, and what we've learned so far. We'll also talk about our plans for the next few months.

Join us for a quick update on our family’s gap year journey! We’ll share what’s been working, what’s been challenging, and what we’ve learned so far. We’ll also talk about our plans for the next few months.

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Key takeaways

  1. Even though Brent and I have a background in education, our kids naturally think other adults are cooler.  Finding ways to support their connection with other adults and facilitating the resources with enough structure to figure things out is both a blessing and a curse.
  1. Each quarter of this gap year feels like a new season that requires a refresh.  What worked in January didn’t work in July.  It’s surprising to me how quickly this lifestyle became normal to us and the novelty and excitement wanes.  We really enjoy the part-time home visits and meet ups with friends and extended family as refresh times.
  2. It has been really challenging to show up and share this adventure with everyone in real time.  Partially because we have so much time off-grid and then coming back feels overwhelming with both the travel and life logistics that sitting down to process and share insights feels heavy.  I have been keeping really good notes and after several requests have decided it will be a book – but the adventure is still going so certainly a project for 2024+
  3. Reflection and checkpoints on our joy audit have been re-instituted.  Its one thing to share about our day and complete our daily checklists, However reminding ourselves – how did that really feel and what were the resources required to support that collective experience has been healthy.  The joy audit tracking form is available as a digital download: https://ordinarysherpa.podia.com/joy-audit-tracking-form. As a guide post some of our collective joy ratings of 8+ were less than $100 and rarely include eating out. 
  4. Hosting this podcast and supporting this brand has always been about connection and community.  Being on the Mic talking with people ahead of us on this journey, or meeting people on our adventures and featuring the ways adventure shows up in their life has been the driving purpose behind Ordinary Sherpa.  The joy of this work is in the connection process, my plans to build this out into a bigger business quickly felt like work.  Instead I am keeping the mantra: More Side, Less Hustle for Ordinary Sherpa…and yes that will be an episode in the future.  

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