114 | Generations of Adventure with Diane Nachel

photo of woman in her sixties camping in the mountains

Embark on a wild ride with me as Diane recounts her epic journey across the United States, exploring the vast beauty of this country on a cross country road trip while also working in some of the most stunning national parks. The sense of freedom and self-discovery experienced along the way. In this podcast, she shares her experiences, adventures, and insights for women of her generation to know that their are so many opportunities and adventure awaits at any age.

112 | Is travel overrated? with Gary of Financial Fives

is travel overrated?

Our guest is another amazing example of a Beyond Normal lifestyle and much of that is through the lens of simplicity and minimalism. However his blog post titled Travel is overrated, here’s what to do instead got my attention. We often talk about the simple adventures we can do in our own backyard while being open to bigger and bold moves toward an adventurous lifestyle.