First of all, thank you for reading my book! May I ask a quick favor? 

Will you take two minutes to leave an honest review for this book on Amazon? Reviews are the BEST way to help others purchase the book. 

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What do I Write?

A written review is two to three sentences to help future readers determine if they should read the book.  Some questions you might answer in the review are:


  • Give insight into your demographic (ie As a working mom…) This helps readers determine how they are similar to you.
  • What were one or two key things from the book you found helpful?
  • How is this book different from other books you’ve read (in a similar genre)? You might even compare it to another book and explain how it differs.  
  • How did this book help you?
  • What did you like about the writing style of the author? (Was it easy to read? Did it offer scientific research to support key points? Were the stories relatable?)

Here are some examples of what other readers shared in their review:

“I love that you offer a glimpse of an alternative and adventurous parenting path. I think this concept is missing from many of the books I’ve read about nature parenting, minimalist parenting and Scandinavian parenting philosophies. So many of our peers feel like they lose themselves when they become parents and your book shows how rich life can indeed be. Your concept of “a window closing” also resonated with me.“ – Tracy Phillippi

“Great content and experiential examples from your personal life. As you told your story I got pulled into the big moments you share with us as readers. What an overcomer you are. You have used the trials and triumphs in each stage of life to build on, and add to, the qualities that make you no Ordinary Sherpa.” – Perry Gabbard

“It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day grind of life with kids that you lose sight of what it feels like to be adventurous and genuinely have fun. Heidi Dusek’s wonderful field guide on designing an extraordinary life does the remarkable: it brings this life within reach and gives you practical ways to build a little more fun and adventure into your family’s life.” – Brad Barrett, cohost and cofounder of the ChooseFI podcast

Having reviews for your book serves two main purposes:

  1. Honest reviews allow potential readers to understand if the book is the right read for them. It provides a peek into the premise and content of the book from a reader’s perspective (unlike the book description, which is from the sales perspective), as well as valuable insight.

  2. To engage the online retailer’s algorithms.

From the reader’s perspective, reviews help them make a decision about buying and reading the book. Algorithms are engaged when a book reaches a certain number of reviews.

It can take up to 24 hours for your review to be visible on Amazon. If you take a screen shot and share on social media (tag @OrdinarySherpa) or send it to us at we love to feature your feedback on the podcast and in social media.

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