Beyond Normal is now Available!

You can now order Beyond Normal A Field Guide to Embrace Adventure, Explore the Wilderness, and Design an Extraordinary Life with Kids Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to connect through simple adventures.  What is your definition of adventure and how can this community help you reach your summit?

Beyond Normal

With big trips and everyday joys, a life of adventure awaits you. Whether you enjoy traveling or staying close to home, you’ll love this book. Soak up everyday adventures exploring new places, trying new experiences, finding fun in everything, and making play more prevalent than screens.

You do not need to go back to normal. Beyond Normal is a field guide to help your family navigate an adventurous life filled with authentic experiences. Throughout this guide, you will find ways to assess your risk tolerance, stretch beyond your comfort zone, and find community. Venture forth!


A Life of Adventure With Kids

This book is for all of those parents who didn’t want to believe it when people said, “I guess you’ll have to stop doing ____when you have kids.” In the vast majority of cases, whatever that fill-in-the-blank answer is, it’s not true. Beyond Normal helps people who have chosen to have an atypical life with kids feel less alone and offers inspiration and guidance for future adventures. Heidi also provides a wonderful framework for those who want to create an adventurous family life but aren’t sure where to start.

– Rachel E. Quinlivan

challenge your mindsets + change your life

Heidi Dusek tells her family’s story in a candid, inspiring, easy to apply fashion.

This field guide is packed with stories and tools that will cause you to challenge conventional wisdom about what is most important in your life. This is a book for those that are growing and evolving and rediscovering what life is and what it can be. Each section is packed with a life lesson, a tool/technique, and an inspiring story/quote.

I plan to use this as a reference guide as I continue to explore and live outside of my comfort zone. 

-Eden Weller 

Moms, it’s not too late or too hard to add adventure

I am in love with this message! By page 23 she spoke directly to me, at least that’s how it seemed! This book isn’t just for the already adventurous but even us list makers out there. Heidi lays out a plan to add small adventures to your life and the encouragement to go for big adventures too.

– Melinda W.

About the Author

Heidi Dusek is a catalyst, healthy disruptor and unshakeable optimist. Her passion lies in challenging the status quo, driving change and delivering experiences. Known as a translator between sectors whose background transcends education, health, nonprofits, university, business, philanthropy, design and podcasting. While stacking talents and lived experiences is her superpower, she continually embraces each role with a lens of empathy, trust and curiosity as critical threads embedded in the fabric of designing an authentic and memorable life.


Today she and her husband live in Wisconsin with 3 children and spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, remodeling their third generation farm house, mastering un-tourism, and creating connections with people around the world.  Her podcast Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to connect through simple adventures.


Get to know Heidi better by listening to Episode 001: Our Adventure Story, better yet join me on the online sherpa community.

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