129 | 10 Simple Ways to Infuse Adventure into Your Life

10 Simple Ways to infuse more adventure in your life

Simple adventures are the perfect remedy for our busy modern lives. These bite-sized escapades offer a wonderful opportunity to escape the ordinary, to bond as a family, and to uncover the magic that lies within the seemingly mundane. Within this episode, you’ll discover 10 curated simple adventures that can be embarked upon with ease.

105 | Ordinary 7 YO Adventure Conversations with My Little Monster

7 YO adventurous boy

“How do your kids feel about the gap year?” Let’s have them tell you how they feel with a series of interviews with my kids. While the family behind Ordinary Sherpa is taking a gap year, Ordinary Sherpa is still focused on the human element of living a life adventure and all the ordinrary things we did to get here. Our gap year will also be filled with ordinary everyday adventures accessible to everyone. I hope this series exemplifies you don’t need to take a gap year to experience adventures with your kids.

088 | How to Plan Family Field Trips with Erin Austen Abbott

Family Field Trips

Field Trips are often an immersion, a hands on learning experience.  In this episode Heidi interviews Erin Austen Abbott to cultivate backyard family adventures sharing planning tips for family field trips.  She also peel back the layers of untourism by describing what makes a place like Mississippi so unique and filled with hidden gems, yet rarely on our travel list.  

083 | (Best of) Redefining Adventures Near and Far with Ed Tee

Adventure Ed Tee

Ed takes adventure to the next level in this episode with ways to experience adventure near and far. Ed is a husband and father originally from Singapore now in Washington. Prior to Covid he was a sophisticated travel hacker, but now more of an aspiring polyglot. Others might also say he’s a tax optimizer, a geo-arbitrage schemer, homeschooler, entrepreneur, and just adding a budding asian cuisine chef. The menu of adventure is vast as we explore how each of these characteristics came to life.