089 | Would you Listen to a 7YO Infleuncer

7 yo influencer

How can I be more adventurous? social conditioning begins around age 10 – we begin the entry point into educational pathways grooming us for specific careers, we are taught to tame our personalities and fall in line with the expectations of society, we lose some of the vivacious energy of our early years. Exercises to practice the 7 YO mindset and be guided by curiosity.

086 | Experimenting with our Ideal Lifestyle


The reason I encourage people to not only think about their ideal life, but also to experiment is there are so many things we wouldn’t know until we actually practice doing the thing.
It is easy to see all the reasons this doesn’t make sense, but without trying it and testing portions of your idea you may be artificially writing off an opportunity or delaying something that is completely feasible.

083 | (Best of) Redefining Adventures Near and Far with Ed Tee

Adventure Ed Tee

Ed takes adventure to the next level in this episode with ways to experience adventure near and far. Ed is a husband and father originally from Singapore now in Washington. Prior to Covid he was a sophisticated travel hacker, but now more of an aspiring polyglot. Others might also say he’s a tax optimizer, a geo-arbitrage schemer, homeschooler, entrepreneur, and just adding a budding asian cuisine chef. The menu of adventure is vast as we explore how each of these characteristics came to life.