112 | Is travel overrated? with Gary of Financial Fives

is travel overrated?

Our guest is another amazing example of a Beyond Normal lifestyle and much of that is through the lens of simplicity and minimalism. However his blog post titled Travel is overrated, here’s what to do instead got my attention. We often talk about the simple adventures we can do in our own backyard while being open to bigger and bold moves toward an adventurous lifestyle.

10 Winter RV Camping Tips (Insider Guide to Camping and Skiing)

Winter RV Camping tips

Winter camping in an RV can be a fun and unique experience for families who love the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning to hit the slopes for some skiing or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings, it’s important to prepare properly. This article will provide a comprehensive guide for families looking to embark on a winter … Read more

086 | Experimenting with our Ideal Lifestyle


The reason I encourage people to not only think about their ideal life, but also to experiment is there are so many things we wouldn’t know until we actually practice doing the thing.
It is easy to see all the reasons this doesn’t make sense, but without trying it and testing portions of your idea you may be artificially writing off an opportunity or delaying something that is completely feasible.