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Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to connect through simple and authentic adventures.  We do this through untourism, simple adventures and lifestyle design.  Below you will find resources to inpsire, design and connect to other adventure families.  



Ordinary Sherpa utilizes the term untourism to define a different type of travel experience.  It reveals locations that might be unconscious to the general public. We unearth hidden gems, support the local flavors and activities that benefit the local people, small businesses and communities

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simple adventures

The focus on simplicity allows us to experience all of the benefits without the overwhelm and expectation of an epic adventure experience.

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Lifestyle Design

Designing an adventurous lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. It requires a bit of unlearning and mindset awareness combined with practicing different muscles and taking small steps forward to create habits that support being present in your life and embracing the opportunities in front of us.

These are a few of our favorite things

I sometimes allude to these items in episodes.  We personally used, and in some cases abused, and love all of these items.  I wouldn’t share them if I didn’t.

books worth reading

We LOVE questions!!

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Podcast Episodes

Get inspired to engage in family adventure experiences. Learn from families who adventure and offer tips and resources to support your journey

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Awesome Resources

Created and curated based on your interests. Resources come from the podcast hosts, guests, and crowdsources from listeners like you

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Join the community

Reaching the summit is way more fun with a tribe. We are a group of sherpas supporting and encouraging each other through family adventure experiences.