How to Leave a written review for Ordinary Sherpa

If you’re a podcast fanatic and want to shower your favorite show or host with genuine praise, writing a review in Apple’s Podcast app is the perfect place.  Leaving a review, whether good or bad, is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

Steps for leaving a review

Sign into iTunes

If you are on a computer or non-apple device you will need to begin by signing in.  If you are on an iPhone or iPad you can skip to step 2.  

Select the Podcast

Open the Podcasts app on your phone (or click the button below).   Navigate to the Ordinary Sherpa podcast through the Library or searching for it using the magnifying glass.  Stay in the podcast series, do not go to a single episode.  

Ratings and Reviews

Scroll down to ratings and reviews.  On a computer it will be a tab under the title.  

Write a Review

Under the one of the highlighted reviews, select “write a review.” Select a star rating at the top, then use the  top text box to write a title for your review and in the lower text box write your review.  Your review can be up to 300 words long.  

Screenshot then send

Before you submit, take a screenshot and send to the  along with your itunes handle or nickname.  We love to connect with our listeners and know who you are.  

Hit Send in the top right.  If you do not have a itunes handle or nickname it will require you to enter that after you hit send.  

Add your voice to the sherpa community

3 ways to join to Ordinary Sherpa Community

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Untourism Membership

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Sherpa Lifestyle Design

Participate in a 12-week cohort to design a lifestyle to align with your goals and adventure spirit. In addition to the learning resources you get virtual meet-ups with Heidi and others on the journey.