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Ordinary Sherpa wants adventure to be accessible to families.  The definition of adventure is a new, potentially risky or uncomfortable, experience.  Adventure has many benefits including health and well-being, risk and resiliency, and creating connections.  The focus on simplicity allows us to experience all of the benefits without the overwhelm and expectation of an epic experience.  Enjoy the journey!


Get inspired to engage in family adventure experiences. Learn from families who adventure and offer tips and resources to support your journey

004 | Magic of Micro-Experiences is dedicated to give you some tools and tips to make adventure simple and action-oriented. When I say simple,  I am always thinking through the lens of “what can I do tomorrow?” Magic is when things are not as they seem.  You are actually tricking the brain into a new and different experience.  The micro-experience are the everyday moments that pass us by.  If we can learn to create opportunities for magic moments by tricking our brain, we are taking the first step towards connecting through adventure.

028 BONUS | 15 Mini Adventures your Family Can do this weekend. These are some of the Everyday Adventures we build into our monthly adventure list that I help you create and bring to life in the Everyday Adventure Challenge.


Reaching the summit is way more fun with a tribe. We are a group of sherpas supporting and encouraging each other through family adventure experiences.

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Meet Heidi

Heidi never wanted to choose between her role as a mom, my professional career, and my adventurous lifestyle…so she didn’t. She rewrote the rules to design a life of adventure while still being a working mom. Heidi is often described as a healthy disruptor and unshakeable optimist, her passion lies in challenging the status quo and delivering experiences. With a background transcending the sectors of education, health care, nonprofits, research, philanthropy, and business with superpowers in connecting dots, designing systems, and public speaking. She continually embraces each role with a lens of empathy, trust and curiosity.


She has combined all these skills and experiences into her most treasured role as an adventurous mom. Today she and her husband live in Northeast Wisconsin with 3 children. The majority of their time is spent playing outside, remodeling their fourth generation farm house, mastering travel rewards and un-tourism while creating connections with people around the world.  Her podcast Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to connect through simple and authentic adventures.


Get to know Heidi better by listening to Episode 001: Our Adventure Story, better yet join her on the online sherpa community.