133 | International Teaching Lifestyle Decisions (Christine & David)

International Teaching Lifestyle Decisions with Kids

Explore the journey of a family turned expats through international teaching in our latest podcast episode. We’ll discuss their adventures, challenges, and invaluable insights through the decision making process on where to live and the lessons from living in different systems. Tune in now for an inspiring tale of cultural immersion and educational exploration!

131 | Grace Periods and the power of Pause

power of the pause button

In this podcast episode we unpack our reflections from the transformative impact of intentionally hitting pause in our daily lives during this family gap year. Embrace the New Year with a joy audit toolkit, identifying moments of joy, and consider intentional pauses for a more purposeful life.

129 | 10 Simple Ways to Infuse Adventure into Your Life

10 Simple Ways to infuse more adventure in your life

Simple adventures are the perfect remedy for our busy modern lives. These bite-sized escapades offer a wonderful opportunity to escape the ordinary, to bond as a family, and to uncover the magic that lies within the seemingly mundane. Within this episode, you’ll discover 10 curated simple adventures that can be embarked upon with ease.

128 | Experiments in Indulgence in lifestyle Design

Experimenting with Indulgence in Lifestyle Design

Much like the novelty of travel, simple indulgences take us out of our daily routine and can offer a refresh. In this episode I want to lean into how we might experiment with indulgences without feeling the slip of lifestyle creep or justifying expenses that don’t align with your values.

127 | Adventures in Entrepreneurship with Brad Barrett

Adventures in Entrepreneurship with Brad Barrett of Choose FI

Embark on a transformative journey with Brad Barrett, co-host of Choose FI, in this podcast episode. Discover the power of consistent actions, entrepreneurship, and travel rewards.You’ll gain insights into the early days of online businesses, learning from unsuccessful ventures, and the importance of authenticity in success. Brad also reveals the key to finding mentors ahead of you on your journey and how a simple email led to the birth of Choose FI. Dive into Brad’s world of increasing your “surface area of luck,” harnessing the power of travel rewards, and simplifying life for financial independence. Learn to simplify your life and achieve financial independence. Join the adventure and start your path to success today!