089 | Would you Listen to a 7YO Infleuncer

7 yo influencer

How can I be more adventurous? social conditioning begins around age 10 – we begin the entry point into educational pathways grooming us for specific careers, we are taught to tame our personalities and fall in line with the expectations of society, we lose some of the vivacious energy of our early years. Exercises to practice the 7 YO mindset and be guided by curiosity.

088 | How to Plan Family Field Trips with Erin Austen Abbott

Family Field Trips

Field Trips are often an immersion, a hands on learning experience.  In this episode Heidi interviews Erin Austen Abbott to cultivate backyard family adventures sharing planning tips for family field trips.  She also peel back the layers of untourism by describing what makes a place like Mississippi so unique and filled with hidden gems, yet rarely on our travel list.