Ordinary Sherpa utilizes the term untourism to define a different type of travel experience.  It reveals locations that might be unconscious to the general public. Untourism is similar to traveling like a local. We unearth hidden gems, support the local flavors and activities that benefit the local people, small businesses and communities as opposed to commercial tourism.


Get inspired to engage in family adventure experiences. Learn from families who adventure and offer tips and resources to support your journey

014 | Sanibel Island Untourism with Local Expert Nick Adams an example of our untourist work in curating local experts for locations specific (or activity specific) experiences. Today’s expert is Nick Adams from Sanibel Island in southwest Florida.

023 | Chasing Waterfalls Untourism Style Explore how to find the hidden gems in each of these states and criteria for developing a family-friendly untourism waterfall experience.


Reaching the summit is way more fun with a tribe. We are a group of sherpas supporting and encouraging each other through family adventure experiences.

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Created and curated based on your interests. Resources come from the podcast hosts, guests, and crowdsources from listeners like you

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Meet Heidi

Heidi never wanted to choose between her role as a mom, my professional career, and my adventurous lifestyle…so she didn’t. She rewrote the rules to design a life of adventure while still being a working mom. Heidi is often described as a healthy disruptor and unshakeable optimist, her passion lies in challenging the status quo and delivering experiences. With a background transcending the sectors of education, health care, nonprofits, research, philanthropy, and business with superpowers in connecting dots, designing systems, and public speaking. She continually embraces each role with a lens of empathy, trust and curiosity.


She has combined all these skills and experiences into her most treasured role as an adventurous mom. Today she and her husband live in Northeast Wisconsin with 3 children. The majority of their time is spent playing outside, remodeling their fourth generation farm house, mastering travel rewards and un-tourism while creating connections with people around the world.  Her podcast Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to connect through simple and authentic adventures.


Get to know Heidi better by listening to Episode 001: Our Adventure Story, better yet join her on the online sherpa community.