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Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to turn their adventure dreams to experiences. The podcast episodes help families define adventure, be inspired from other families on this journey, and be supported by a tribe of Sherpas helping you to reach your summit.  Join us in creating connection through simple and authentic adventure experiences.  

National Parks

072 | 20 National Parks through the eyes of a 10 YO.

My daughter is 10 and has a goal to visit all the national parks before she graduates high school. Here is the list of the parks she has visited and highlights from each. Even though National Park week has past I imagine many are still planning summer park visits so I thought I’d dedicate this episode to “best of national parks” ten year old edition.

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Humans outside

067 | Humans Outside with Amy Buschatz

There is significant research showing countless benefits of spending time outdoors.  This episode with Amy Buschatz walks through her transformation by spending at least 20 minutes outside everyday since September 2017.

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066 | Life Lessons from Building an Igloo

I decided to build an igloo. In my head I thought this would be a fun family project. This episode I will share the reality of my winter adventure building an igloo and several important life lessons that came with it.

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empathy in adventure

065 | The Power of Empathy with Eden Weller

Empathy is a critical skill in human connection, designing a life and embracing adventures. Understanding others perspectives and  be self aware of our own emotions allows us to connect more deeply with people making experiences richer.

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