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Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to turn their adventure dreams to experiences. The podcast episodes help families define adventure, be inspired from other families on this journey, and be supported by a tribe of Sherpas helping you to reach your summit.  Join us in creating connection through simple and authentic adventure experiences.  

020 | Opting Out with Doc G

Often we get stuck in life and don’t see a path out. Doc G shares his story of opting out of his life as a physician toward one filled with freedom, purpose and joy.

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011 | Insider Tips to RV Rental

Camping is often a profile picture for adventure. The ability to be safely uncomfortable and dwell if life’s dirt can be windows into freedom and gratitude. The journey of camping has many entry points.

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009 | Chasing Joy

Hindsight 20/20 will never have the same meaning for me. As we look to turn the calendar to 2021, how will you frame adventure through the lens of joy and connection.

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